Welcome to WhereInDC, a blog about restaurants and food in the Washington, DC area.   I thought I’d start this blog for my friends who seem to call, IM, or email me to ask, “Where in DC can I take [fill-in-the-blank] for breakfast/lunch/dinner/happy hour/coffee that has [fill-in-the-blank].”  It’s a tough question because if you’re on a date, you’ll want to go to a certain place while if you’re going out with a big group of people, you’re criteria is (usually) different. Are you looking for great music?  Or do you want to dine alfresco?  Do you want cheap but tasty eats or do you want to impress? 

So I created this blog so that my friends would be able to quickly search and see what I think of various restaurants in the city. I hope you find this blog interesting and informative.  Please let me know if you disagree or agree with my reviews of restaurants as well as if you have any favorites.  If you have scoop on restaurant opening (or closing), let me know.  Email me at whereindc [at] gmail dot com. 

To learn more about the blog author, please visit the “About me” section. 

Oh yeah, the photo I chose to use as the header is one of U Street area.  I was originally going to use the National Monument or the Capitol, but I thought those were too easy.