Well, it was a lame attempt to be funny with the title.  For those Seinfeld fans, you probably remember the line from Puddy to Elaine, “You stole my Jesus fish.” 

Anyway, I thought it was interesting that Jessica Seinfeld is being accused of stealing recipes from Missy Chase Lapine. 

The quick snapshot of the issue is:

  • Lapine wrote a cookbook on how to “sneak” vegetables into foods that your child likes to eat.  There’s something about spinach brownies (not sure how I feel about that) and something being pureed and added to mac & cheese.   There are 15 recipes that are apparently, almost identical to Lapine’s recipes in Jessica Seinfeld’s book. 
  • Her book was released in April while Jessica Seinfeld’s was released this month. 
  • Lapine had submitted her book to HarperCollins, but was denied by them.  HarperCollins then published Seinfeld’s book. 
  • The comparisons started after Jessica Seinfeld went on Oprah to promote her book. 

Interesting.  I don’t know what to think to be honest. 

My question is if it’s true, will Oprah bring Jessica Seinfeld back on her show to talk about it, like she did to James Frey

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**Update 11/19/07: I wrote a new blog posting on Jessica Seinfeld.**

** Update 1/8/08: Info on the lawsuit can be found here.**

**Update 2/26 — Seinfelds respond and want lawsuit dropped.**