Whenever there’s a party, I like to make pico de gallo.  It’s simple, fast, and oh so tasty.  This is another recipe I make that doesn’t have any exact measurements.  You’ll know it’s done when you taste it. 

Besides the request for the recipe, people also always ask how I chop everything so perfectly.  My trick?  It’s this little gadget that a friend of mine got me for my birthday.  I love my chopper.  

Pico de Gallo


Here’s the recipe:

  • In the chopper (or on your cutting board), quarter tomatoes (I prefer heirloom tomatoes because they have such great flavor).  Make sure to take the seeds out.  Also throw in cilantro and lime juice.  Turn the crank several times until you are happy with the size of the tomatoes.
  • Empty the chopper into a big bowl. 
  • Then put in jalapenos (de-seed if you don’t want the heat), red onions (peeled and quartered), and garlic (peeled).  Cut up in the chopper until you’re happy with the size of the ingredients.
  • Empty the chopper into the big bowl with the tomatoes and cilantro.  Mix together well.  Then taste.  You’ll notice I didn’t say to put in salt, because if you’re going to dip tortilla chips, they already have a lot of salt so you’ll want to make sure to not over-salt. 

I use this pico de gallo recipe on everything — eggs, chips, salad, etc.  Yum!