This is always a question every presidential candidate gets asked to show they’re not out of touch with the general population.  It’s also proven to provide some fodder for the political reporters/followers.

Anyway, I’m not trying to get political, but did think this story in Motley Fool by Selena Maranjian was interesting.

Specifically, this paragraph:

We’ve heard plenty about rising fuel prices, but have you stopped to notice what’s going on with food prices? They’re exploding. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that rising prices and surging demand for major crops have led to big changes in food markets. According to the article, corn prices are up 40%, soybeans up 75%, and wheat 70% and more — and they’re expected to stay high for years. Meanwhile, the wholesale price of chicken is up 15% this year, while the retail price of whole milk has jumped 26%.

Looks like it’s not just beer that’s going to cost more, but basic staples too.