Welcome to San Francisco!  I went to visit one of my oldest friends (she’s not old, just that we’ve known each other a long time).  I’ll call her “L.”

Anyway, L moved to the San Fran-area a few months ago for a job.  I had never been to the San Fran area and it seemed the stars aligned.

I flew out on Thursday morning on a 5 AM flight and arrived in SF around 11:30 AM.  I was starving when I landed so while I was really happy to see L, I was ready to start eating.

We hit Chinatown right away to find this restaurant I had heard was fantastic called House of Nanking (although from these reviews, am thinking it’s good we missed it — sorry, not to spoil the story or anything). 

Chinatown Street

Anyway, we decided to get dim sum at the next available restaurant and that was this one called Grand Palace.  I’ll continue my House of Nanking story with the next posting.

Golden Palace Window  Golden Palace Window  Golden Palace Window  Pan fried pork dumpling  Shrimp dumpling  Grand Palace menu  Shrimp Dumpling

  • Food: Since we wanted to try to go to the other restaurant, we decided to only order shrimp dumpling and pan-fried pork dumplings.  Both were really good.  What I liked was the fact they were simple.  What L liked was that it was $8 total (ha ha).  What I didn’t like that the chopsticks were plastic. 
  • Service: I’m not used to people being in my face and I have a tendancy to get overwhelmed if it happens.  I don’t mean that they got in my face in a mean way as much as they were anxious to get people to sit down and order.  They were polite and offered many suggestions — it was just a lot of information getting thrown at you right away (and remember, I’d been flying for 7 hours). 
  • Atmosphere: Simple and definitely casual.
  • Price: $
  • Overall: It was good and I’d like to try other offerings sometime to sample what they really have to offer. 


  • Hours: Daily 7:30 AM-10 PM
  • Address: 950 Grant Ave; San Francisco, CA 94108
  • Ph: (415) 982-3705