Anthony Bourdain was in DC last week, but I wasn’t able to go see him.  Thankfully, other Bourdain-lovers were able to go and shared on their blogs!  So I feel like I was able to see him. 

I’ve really enjoyed reading DC365’s account of Bourdain at Olsson’s Bookstore.  DCist has an account of his Lisner appearance.  Washingtonian’s Best Bites Blog also wrote an account.

I then got a call from friend, who said her friend went to Lisner.  The most interesting tidbit she shared was that Bourdain apparently said Emeril is an underrated chef.  His “bam” bit is really not who he is as a chef, but he does it when he’s in front of a live studio audience. 

Then we got into a side conversation on how we both like Emeril’s recipes and how they always turn out really well.  For example, the chicken dumpling soup

Finally, my friend and I agreed that we like his early morning show where he’s much more subdued and relaxed.