This is the last posting on the San Fran trip.  Thanks for bearing with me!  Anyway, L and I were going to go to Haight-Asbury for a sushi dinner after Alcatraz.  We got in a cab and suddenly realized that our cab driver had been driving for a while and hat we were no longer in commercial area, but increasingly residential.

We asked the cabbie where the heck he was going, but he clearly had no clue.  So we told him to take us to Japantown to the best sushi place there.

He took us to Benihana.  I kid you not. 

So L and I decided that since they were a chain, we’d try something else.  So we went to Iroha in Japantown

  • Food: L and I got an order of tempura shrimp.  The photos were taken by L because my camera died — thanks L!).  It was crispy fried goodness.  I ordered the chicken ubon noodles.  They didn’t have any fried tofu on the menu.  L ordered either the salmon teriyaki and miso soup.  I didn’t try it, but she said it was good.

Iroha  Shrimp apps  Close up shrimp  Chicken udon  Salmon

  • Service: Our server was very polite, but did not speak a lot of English. 
  • Atmosphere: It felt older, but comfortable.  Tables were filled of people speaking Japanese and locals who knew where the good restaurants are in Japantown.   
  • Price: $
  • Overall:After walking around all day (and still being on East Coast time), the Chicken udon noodles were really good.  I was trying to beat a cold so the hot soup provided great comfort.  The bowl was the normal “big bowl” that you come to expect when you order noodles in a Japanese restaurant.  I would go back, but I’d rather try other restaurants in Japantown.


  • Reservations were unneeded when we were there! 
  • Hours: Sun-Thurs 11:30 AM-9:30 PM; Fri & Sat 11:30-10 PM
  • Address: 1728 Buchanan Street; San Francisco, CA 94115 (it’s on the 2nd floor)
  • Ph: (415) 922-0321