Firehook Bakery has 11 locations in the DC and VA area.  They’re best known for their baked goods, but they also offer sandwiches, soups, etc.  I have eaten many baguettes from Firehook — they’re a perfect combination of crusty and chewy.  With a hunk of brie cheese and prosciutto?  Forget it!  So tasty!

  • Food:In the mood to grab something quickly and after hearing about their fantastic ciabatta bread, I felt the need to go and try out their sandwiches myself.  I thought you’d order at the counter, but then realized when I walked in that the sandwiches were all pre-made.  I’m not a fan of pre-made sandwiches…and I was reminded why when I ate mine.   First, my side.  I picked-up their lemon orzo salad with cucumber, feta cheese, red and yellow peppers, basil, and lemon vinaigrette.  I thought it had a light yet decent flavor (though didn’t really taste any lemon and needed a little salt).  Oh, you’ll also see in the photo that there was only one red pepper and no yellow ones.  On to the sandwich.  I thought their other sandwiches looked good, but they were on plain bread (not homemade) and since I wanted to try their own homemade ciabatta — the Portobello mushroom, arugula, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese on Firehook’s ciabatta bread was my only choice.  I love goat cheese, but there was way too much on the sandwich.  The worst offense?  The bread was soggy.   And I went early (around 11ish) so that sandwich couldn’t have been sitting around that long!  

Firehook Orzo  Firehook Sandwich

  • Service: You grab your food and then pay at the counter.
  • Atmosphere: They usually have a couple of tables and chairs at their locations.  It’s very casual.
  • Attire: Casual 
  • Price: $
  • Overall:Skip the sandwiches and go for the baked goods.  It makes me nervous to try any of their other sandwiches, although they did look good.  I wonder why all their sandwiches aren’t made on their homemade bread?  I think the side was good though. 


  • Hours: Varies by location
  • Address: To find out the location by you, click here.