I think the nudge on the Asia Nora review worked because my dining companion that evening has agreed to guest blog! 

Her alias will be P3 and she’ll be blogging on occasion.  My wallet thanks P3!  😉

Here’s a brief introduction of P3:

My parents took to me to very nice restaurants starting at an early age, so I’m comfortable and familiar with the restaurant arena. However, I don’t feel the only place to get a great meal is always in a “very nice” restaurant. I love to cook, have been to some cooking demonstrations and seminars, but have never attended chef school.  I believe cooking is therapeutic. It’s also a gift I enjoy sharing with people who appreciate it — either because they also cook, or if they can’t or aren’t able to cook. I’m from the DC-metro area and have seen a lot of DC restaurants come and go. Remember Rive Gauche? Mel Krupins?