I do feel badly for fruitcake, although like most people, I don’t like it.  However, it is expensive to make when you add up all the nuts, dried fruit, and other ingredients.

The poor baked good has more jokes and would probably relate to Rodney Dangerfield’s statement of “I can’t get any respect.” 

But who first created this item and why? 

I found a pretty good story that gives the history (includes a recipe at the bottom).

I thought it was interesting that 98% of the sales for the Collin Street Bakery comes from fruitcake.     

Finally, I thought this 2006 story in Christian Science Monitor was interesting on the statistics of fruitcake gifting.

    • 47% – People who say they’d toss a holiday fruitcake in the trash without delay.

    • 11%– People who say they would make time to re-gift a fruitcake.

    • 1:1 – The ratio of the density of the average fruitcake to the density of mahogany.

    • 25 – Number of years that fruitcakes can age and still be enjoyed, as long as they have the right preservatives and are stored in tightly closed tins.

    • 2,952 – Pounds of fruitcake delivered to US troops in Iraq for the holidays.