Honestly, don’t spend your money buying peppermint bark because it’s so easy to make.  It also makes a great gift!  You can wrap it in a cute package and people will love it. 

Buy some (about 1 lb) white chocolate bark and 1 very large peppermint cane (or 12-15 of the “normal” sized ones). 

Set-up a double-boiler (photo below).  It’s basically a pot, filled about half-way with water, and a glass (heat-proof) bowl.  Then put the white chocolate in the bowl and turn on the stove to medium-low heat.  Be careful and make sure to not burn your chocolate!  

While it’s heating, put your peppermint canes in a plastic bag.  You can either crush it by using a pan, hammer, rolling pin, etc.  Don’t go crazy on beating the peppermint though — keep it in the plastic bag so it’s easy to combine with the chocolate later. 

Keep your eye on your chocolate so it doesn’t burn, but keep stirring until it’s completely melted.   Then put your crushed peppermint in the bowl and mix with the chocolate.  If you like super peppermint flavor, add a drop or two of peppermint extract.  But before you add all the peppermint cane or any extract, taste it first to see if there’s enough peppermint flavor for you!

Put your mix on wax paper (or non-stick mat) and spread to the thickness you desire.  Then let it cool.  Don’t put your bark in the fridge unless you want these weird air bubbles — put the bark sheet in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. 

Once it’s cool, you can break it up into pieces.  Put the pieces into cute bags/platter and enjoy!

Here are the step-by-step images to help walk you through it.  I promise, it’s easy! 

 Double broiler Step 3 - Melted White Chocolate Step 4 - Completely Melted White Chocolate  Step 1 - Candy Canes  Step 2 - Smashed candy canes  Step 5 - Mixed candy canes and chocolate Step 6 - Thinned out bark