I am not about to say that these are authentic eggrolls, but I will tell you that they are pretty tasty. 

The great thing about eggrolls is that you can fill them with anything.  In these photos, I put a Trader Joe’s seafood mixture, baby corn, cabbage, scallions, carrots, snow peas, and celery.  You stir fry the ingredients.  I put about 1 1/2 TBSP of soy sauce and cayenne pepper.   Once you’re done with the stir fry, transfer into a bowl.  I like to keep the ingredients a little bit crunchy so I don’t stir fry them for long.

Then get your wrappers ready.  Also have a little bowl of water (or egg whites) on the side. 

Put a couple of spoonfuls of stir fry on the eggroll wrappers.  Be careful to not include any soy sauce (or any other moisture) and don’t put too much stir fry in there!  Otherwise, you’ll never be able to wrap the eggroll. 

Fold the sides (photo 2); the fold the bottom (photo 3); then wrap (photo 4).   When you have a 1/4″ left, then put a little water (0r egg wash) on your finger — this will help “seal” the eggroll (photo 5). 

Put about 2″ of vegetable oil (or some other flavorless oil) in your wok until hot.  You’ll know it’s ready if you quickly flick some water and it starts to sizzle. 

Then carefully place the eggrolls in the hot oil (photo 6).  The when it’s brown, turn to complete (photo 7).  Then let the eggrolls sit on paper towels to let some of the oil drain.  Eat them when they’re hot! 

They actually keep pretty well for a week or so.  When you re-heat, put them in your toaster oven.

Here are step-by-step photos:

Step 1 - EggrollStep 2 - EggrollStep 3 - EggrollStep 4 - EggrollStep 5 - EggrollStep 6 - EggrollStep 7 - EggrollFinished EggrollInside Eggroll