I have found a new must see cooking show!  So I’m definitely late to the game, but for those who may also not know, PBS’ America’s Test Kitchen is fantastic.  While I only watched one episode, the tricks and recipes they offered in the 30 minute show made me want to try making some of the recipes.  I can see why it’s the most popular cooking show on PBS!

The show is broken into different segments including an equipment corner, tasting lab, etc.   

While you can have access to most of their recipes for free (with registration), some of them may require a membership fee ($25/year). 

I definitely recommend checking out the show, but also their recipes. 

You can find when it airs on your local PBS station here.  But for those of us who get WETA channel, it’s on Saturdays at 4:30 PM and 5:00 PM EST.