I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day to buy a toaster and saw this “egg & muffin toaster.”  On the side you put some water in this container, then you put the egg pan over that with your egg, then you have your meat pan, and the toaster is on the side.  I was wondering, “Who the heck would spend the money on this?” 

And then I saw it on Fine Living’s Shopping with Chefs.  Ugh. 

This show is hosted by Jill Davie (Josie Restaurant) and David Myers (Sona Restaurant).  Jill is quite perky while David is more of a subdued host. 

The show walks you through about 6-8 different kitchen items.  For example, on the show I watched, they talked about 3 different kinds of meat grinders, 2 kinds of wine refrigerators, waiter’s wine bottle opener, egg & muffin toaster, molcajete, cazuelas, apples, and apple peelers.

I can’t help but think that they could do this show a lot better if they would tell you what you should look for, instead of saying you should choose between product one and two.  They do this sometimes, but not always.  They do say if you like X, then you’ll like this.  But I think they should say, that if you like X, then you should look for a product that has Y and Z.   I hope that made sense, but I have a feeling it probably didn’t. 

OK, to simplify — I’m wondering how they pick their products to highlight.  And if we went to their kitchens, would we really see all of these gadgets?  How do they pick only a couple of different brands and products?

Overall, I think this is a show you can skip.  You can get much better advice on the Internet on various products by reading people’s comments (or your favorite blogger’s opinion!).  But if you insist, the show airs on Thursdays and Fridays at 8 PM EST on Fine Living Channel.