Rarely do I ever have a complete flop in the kitchen, but it happened.  And boy, did it suck.  Now while these Whoopee Pies did taste good, they looked horrible (as evident in the photos). 

If I ever make these again, I think I’d make the cookies a little bigger (with the medium ice cream scoop) and use mini marshmallows (or cut the large ones in half). 

The marshmallows were entirely too big for the small dark chocolate cookies.   Who knows, maybe I’ll make these again and they’ll work. 

Whoopie Cookie Dough  Whoopie Cookies

**Update 1/13 — I made the Whoopee Pies again.  And they turned out exactly as they should have once I used the medium scoop and cut the marshmallows in two (but put the two marshmallow halves on one cookie).  Also, I only got 26 individual cookies which means 13 sandwiches.** 

Whoopie Cookies Second Try