After hearing on the news that DC’s Mayor Fenty was holding a press conference this morning to announce the price of the taxi meter fares, I was eagerly awaiting the results.

As you know, I’ve been a HUGE supporter of changing from the ridiculous meter system to the time-and-distance system. 

Here are the changes that Fenty announced this morning which will start Sunday, April 6th Thursday, May 1:

  • Minimum fare will be $3 (not the proposed $4)
  • No additional fee for “rush hour”
  • No additional fee fore extra passengers Now $1.50 per person
  • Snow emergency fare will be reduced to be only a 25% increase (instead of the current double fare charge)

The Taxicab Industry Association is against this move and has said that the cabs will go on strike starting Monday, February 4 until Sunday, April 6th.  According to the Washington Post, the strike “will rotate through the days of the week — with drivers striking on Tuesday the following week, Wednesday the week after, and so on — until at least the start of baseball season, Wright said.”

I think the fear that this will cause cab drivers to lose money will quickly subside when they realize that people are going to be much more apt to take a cab with these new lower fares. 

For example, for me to go a mere 3 miles (from my office to my house), cost $8 under the current system because it’s “two zones.”  Under the new one, it’ll probably cost $5-6.   

Yay Fenty!