While I know it’s not really about DC, when you read an interesting article about Chef Alain Ducasse — you have to post it right? 

Perhaps you are asking, “Who is Ducasse?”  New York Magazine says, from France, “he is the youngest chef ever (at 33) to achieve that pinnacle of excellence, three Michelin stars, the first chef in 60 years to win six Michelin stars at once (at age 42), and is currently (at 51) one of the most star-studded chefs on the planet, with his own little galaxy of fifteen.”  He also has 24 restaurants, four inns, four bakeries, two cooking schools, a hotel consortium, and a publishing house.

The reason I loved this story was this — despite his obvious, ENORMOUS success, he has yet to break into the NY restaurant scene.  You see, he’s tried twice to create a restaurant that New Yorkers would love, but has failed both times. 

Starting January 28th, he’s opening his third attempt in the St. Regis Hotel (2 E. 55th St.) called Adour Alain Ducasse

I’m looking forward to hearing what others think about his new restaurant and perhaps one day, trying it out myself. 

Who knows, maybe he’ll get tired of NYC and open up a restaurant in DC?!  Well, one can dream right?