I caught Fixing Dinner on American Life with Sandy Richard the other day.  Richard started her life as a menu planner because SHE HAS SEVEN CHILDREN.

Umm, let’s take a moment and think about that.  SEVEN CHILDREN.  SEVEN.  Can you imagine?  Wow, I’m in awe.

Anyway, she helps families plan meals for (basically) the week.  This means from grocery shopping to creating the “to do list” to have the family member(s) make dinner each evening. 

The episode I saw was with “Super Mom” where the recipes took no more than 20 minutes — impressive!  While they are simple recipes, they seem pretty healthy — and good for even the picky eater. 

For any family who has several mouths to feed, I’d definitely recommend this show.  She’s not overly perky and she’s also realistic about what can really happen for dinner. 

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