This show is originally on the Canadian Food Network, but it’s on American Life channel for us in the U.S.  Now why doesn’t the Food Network US air this show? 

This Food That Wine is a great, easy to understand show that provides great insight into wine and food pairings.  Hosted by Angie MacRae  and Stacey Metulynsky, these two  are people that you’d want to grab dinner and drinks with because while they’re nice, they’re not overly perky or annoying about their vast knowledge about food and wine. 

I caught the episode where this woman was having her book club over.  Included on their Web site are their recipes, but also the suggested wine pairings — and what I love is the reason for why she picked this type of wine.  For the Manchego cheese with olive tapenade sherry pairing, Metulynsky said that you can pick up the same flavor but in a cheaper sherry — something that I appreciated as well.

I definitely recommend adding this show to your DVR — or at least check it out to pick up some good recipes and wine ideas for your next dinner party!