**UPDATE 8/2008 — I’ve realized that they are no longer on the air.  I’ve removed the broken links.  Sorry folks!**

Jon Mayer and Jim Stump are the two hosts of Feasty Boys Eat America.  They are a lot of fun to watch because they love food and what they’re doing.  But if you ate what they cooked on a weekly basis…oh dear.   

As they say in their show, their name “Feasty Boys” comes from a combo of the words fun, easy, and tasty.  Jon and Jim have 25 years of professional cooking experience and are friends.  They say their show will always use one local ingredient and will also add one of the four B’s — beer, bacon, butter, and better not forget the cheese. 

I caught the first show in New Mexico on the chilies.  I think I gained 5 lbs just watching the show.  While I think I’ll stay away from their recipes from the chili show, I may have to try out their Maryland crab cake recipe.

The show airs on the Travel Channel at 8 PM EST on Wednesday 10 PM EST on Thursday nights.