I think I’ve found my new favorite food show.  It’s call After Hours with Daniel Boulud on MOJOHD.  Apparently, MOJO is a channel for men, but whatever because this is brilliant.  If you don’t get the channel, it’s available on Joost.

Here’s the premise — Chef Daniel Boulud goes behind the scenes of a popular restaurant, after the restaurant closes and cooks an amazing meal with the chef of that restaurant for a bunch of friends.

So in the episode I saw, he worked with Sang Yoon, the chef of Your Father’s Office and created an amazing multi-course meal for Gabrielle Reese, Peter Greenberg, Ronald Guttman, Sherry Yard, Michael McCarty, and Sal Marino

At one point in the conversation, Reese asks why there weren’t more women head chefs (you may remember this posting on that issue).  The chefs around the table say that there are and how it’s changed over the last 30 years.  Then Yard tells the story how when she was starting out at the Rainbow Room, she was asked slice apples every night using this slicer and standing on this glass stool thing.  She thought she was asked to slice because she was really good at it and was faster than the others.  She didn’t realize was that the guys *ahem* asked her to do because of the view.  They continued to say that women just don’t want to put up with the crap so they choose to get out of the business.

I really like this show because it’s a great way to hear more stories like this about chefs and their experiences.  You don’t get any recipe tips (and their Web site doesn’t offer any either), but the conversation is a lot of fun.