**Update 3/7 – I went to Chop’t.  Here’s my review.** 

Over the last couple of months, a marginal noodle shop has closed at 1300 Connecticut Ave NW.  While I didn’t shed a tear for their departure, I did just get an email from Dani stating that a Chop’t restaurant will be opening in that location tomorrow. 

To celebrate their opening, they’ll be offering free salad from 11 AM-2 PM (or until they run out of food).  Hey, when I get an email about free anything, I have to let you guys know right?

While I’ve never been to a Chop’t before, free food can’t be bad right?  I don’t think you have to print out the invite below, but the details are below.

If you go, let me know what you think!  And if you take a photo and want to share it, even better!

Free Salad at Chop’t