This story caught my eye because I would have never guessed Tokyo!  And they have 160,000 restaurants, compared to 20,000 in Paris and 23,000 in NYC!

According to this story, “Eight restaurants in the Japanese capital, including two sushi eateries, received Michelin’s highest three-star rating, according to the new Tokyo guide announced Monday, the first outside Europe and the United States. But Paris can still claim to have the most top-rated restaurants, with 10. The 191 stars were the most awarded to any city. Paris previously had the most, with 65.”

While math was never my strong suit, it seems that if you were to go out for one meal and visit every single restaurant in Tokyo, you’d have to live 438 years.   If you ate all three meals out, it’d take you 146 years. 

Is that right?  Regardless, Tokyo just jumped to the top of my list of places to visit!