I love DC, but the whole people keep moving away from here is tough to deal with.   In this case, I lost a friend that I’d go to dinner with at least once a week to Dallas.  Thankfully, when I was in Dallas, I was able to catch up with her at Hibiscus.  BTW, this is my last Dallas posting — it was a short trip.

  • Food: In a group of four, we ordered lots of different kinds of food.  There were definitely some “stars” of the meal.  The macaroni and cheese was very creamy with a subtle smoky flavor.  I would have loved some bacon on top to add to the smokiness…then it would have been wow.  The fried calamari was cooked perfectly and had a great flavor.  The steak was so incredibly tender — amazing!  I ordered the halibut which was really good.  There was a crust around the fish that made it amazing.  We also ordered the ice box pie and caramel creme brulee.  The brulee was 1/2 as big as a frisbee, but it was pretty good.  But the ice box pie was ridiculous.  In a group of four women and after our huge meals, we finished the slice of ice box pie.  Ha ha…
  • Service:Very attentive with lots of bussers constantly “buzzing” around.
  • Atmosphere: They call themselves a chop house.  Inside, it’s pretty dark and in the front of the restaurant is their bar.  Then you walk back to their huge dining room.  On the left are booth seats and on the far right is the open kitchen.  In the middle are their tables, perfect for large groups.  In the back is their wine cellar and their bathrooms.
  • Attire: Business casual
  • Price: $$$
  • Overall: I really enjoyed our dinner.  The wine was pretty expensive (I think the cheapest bottle was $50) which caused a bit of sticker shock.  But the food was really good and the dessert was even better.


  • Reservations required.
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 5 PM-11 PM
  • Address: 2927 N Henderson Ave; Dallas, TX 75206
  • Ph: 214-827-2927