Now this is a fun show on MojoHD.  The premise of the show is this — Chef Ralph Pagano is suddenly dropped into an unknown location in the world, then he’s told where he is and the set number of hours he has in that location.  In the amount of time he’s there, he has to make enough money so he can go home.  The “trick” is that he has to do crazy “off-the-cuff” cooking.   

If he doesn’t make the money, then he has a challenge.  In the episode I watched in Wyoming, if he didn’t succeed, he’d have to eat Rocky Mountain Oysters.

His show Web site offers recipes and some video highlights from the show.  He’s somewhat entertaining, but not in the Anthony Bourdain kind of way.  It’s more in the Food Network Mission Impossible kind of way.

The show is on Sundays at 9:30 PM EST.