Milk in my apartment is a rare sight.  If I have it, it’s only because I’m cooking.  So I frequently find myself in the position I was in this weekend — an almost full container of milk that’s a couple days away from expiring.

That’s when I decided to start researching and found this cinnamon flop recipe

Cinnamon Flop Dough  Cinnamon Flop

I thought this was really good.  Instead of melting the butter, I cut the butter on the top (which meant I used only about 1/2 the amount).  I also added 1 tsp of cinnamon. 

It tasted a bit like a cinnamon roll, but wasn’t as flaky.  It didn’t come out super thick like I was expecting though.  But it was moist and the top had a really nice sugary crust. 

The cinnamon and sugar I sprinkled on top made their way to the bottom, so make sure you spray your pan well with non-stick spray! 

I had to bake it too for about 30-35 minutes.