I love NY-deli style sandwiches.  There’s something about that HUGE sandwich with three inches of freshly sliced meat on soft rye with a side of pickles…oh wow.  Damn, I have to get to NY. 

Anyway, I had heard a lot about Loebs Deli and thought I had to try it out for myself.  A restaurant that’s been around for 49 years — that means they have to serve something pretty good right?

  • Food: I ordered their pastrami on light rye and matzo ball soup.  The pastrami was warm and had a bit more fat on it than Eli’s, so that means it was a bit juicier.  It was really good.  The matzo ball soup was pretty good too — though the two baby carrots were a little strange (Right?  Or is that just me?).  While the sandwich was good, it wasn’t exactly like a NY-style deli sandwich, but it was close (so is Eli’s).  BTW, this is definitely not a Kosher restaurant (they serve cheeseburgers).   My friend ordered a side of fries and they were these huge thick cut steak fries.  I’m usually not a fan of such fries, but these were really good.  They were crispy and hot.  Yum!

Loebs Deli Pastrami Sandwich  Loebs Matzo Ball Soup

  • Service: Knowing it’s a family-ran joint made the experience even that much more fun.  It did feel like you stepped into a NY deli with their thick NY accents.  They were really nice and we got our food in 15 minutes.
  • Atmosphere: Inside there’s about 20 tables making it a pretty big lunch spot.  When you walk in, you can either go straight to order if you’re staying in (which means you grab a tray) or you go to the right where you can put in your to go food. 
  • Attire: Casual
  • Price: $
  • Overall: Be prepared — they only accept cash or American Express.  If you’re looking for a menu, here you go: Loebs Deli Menu.  The food is really good and I’d definitely go back.  Would I rather go to Eli’s or Loebs?  Hmm, tough decision…


  • Hours: Monday-Friday breakfast from 6 a.m.-11 a.m.; 11 AM-4 PM lunch
  • Address: 832 15th Street NW, Washington DC
  • Ph: 202-371-1150