I made these “muffins that taste like donuts” the other week because I thought they’d be healthier since they weren’t fried like a yummy donut. 

While I don’t think they really taste like donuts, they were really good in all their cinnamon sugar glory.  The tops were all cinnamon sugar while the bottoms were just plain. 

A heads up though that the recipe only makes 10.  I substituted a stick of butter, instead of 1/3 cup of oil.  I only melted 2 TBSP of butter for dipping after they cooled.  And you only need half of the cinnamon and sugar that they tell you for dipping.

Muffins that Taste like Donuts Dough  Muffins that Taste like Donuts  Muffins that Taste like Donuts w Topping