Readers, I’m not going to lie.  I like reading the gossip columns.  There’s something entertaining about them — and at the very least, they are good conversation fillers.  Like me, you may find yourself sitting in an airport with a client for 6 hours and you’ve run out of non-controversial things to talk about.  Celebrities always provide that non-controversial fodder for your conversations (because really, who’s going to argue Brittany Spears deserves “Mother of the Year” Award?).

So I was reading Page Six and caught that we may have all been lied to about Rachael Ray’s syndicated TV show.  Apparently, it isn’t as popular as we were led to believe!

They’re saying her show may be ending in 2010 (when her contract expires) and Marie Osmond may take over as a talk show host.    

Oh well, Rachael still has her 30 Minute Meals (uhh note Page Six, it’s not 30 Minutes a Day), Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels, and Every Day with Rachael to keep her busy.

**Update — Here’s Jossip’s take on the news (and they have comments from RR’s publicists!)**