So the fourth season of Top Chef Chicago just had their second episode last week and the second season of Take Home Chef is now re-running their episodes.

I figure I can now talk about these two new seasons, right?  Plus, I want to find out what do you think about them. 

First, Top Chef:

  • Thankfully, they didn’t change much about the show — it’s still tough with great challenges and judges!
  • I was surprised, as I’m sure you were as well, that they allowed a couple on the show…I wonder how that’s going to play out in this season!  Add a little drama I’m sure.
  • So far, I agree with the people they’ve kicked off.
  • Yay to more female chefs! 
  • Who do you not like? 
  • And who do you think will be some of the last chefs standing?  I’m thinking Dale, Mark, and Antonio.   

Now, Take Home Chef:

  • I used to love this show — it was fun to see people surprised in the grocery store
  • I don’t like it anymore — it feels so set-up and fake now (boo!) 
  • Some good recipes though still and of course, Curtis Stone is still dreamy.
  • Perhaps he’s out grown this show and needs to get a new show…do you agree?  Disagree?