I had a lot of peanut butter and honey in my cupboard and so I went on a rampage to use it all up.  Thankfully, I used a lot of my honey and all of the peanut butter.  Phew!  You’ll start to see all those recipes soon!

Anyway, I found this recipe for these peanut butter snack balls.  With only 4 ingredients and being no-bake, they are of course, very easy to make.  

No Bake Simple Peanut Butter Snack Ball

They kind of reminded me of my puppy chow mix but without the chocolate (the best part!). 

Next time, I’d add a little more cereal so they’re a bit more crunchy and also make them smaller.  I rolled them into the size of golf balls.  And it might be fun to drizzle some chocolate over them too. 

They were really sweet (a little too sweet for me), but can see how kids would like to make and eat them.