Phew, I used up the very last of my plain yogurt before it expired.  Thankfully, I found this easy and low-fat recipe for swirled zebra cake

A few modifications:

  • Again, I used dark cocoa powder so I put in an additional 2 TBSP of sugar
  • I had to bake the cake for 1.25 hours

You’ll see in the photo that it was really pretty when it went into the oven.  And when it came out, it was also beautiful. 

Zebra Cake Dough  Zebra Cake  Zebra Cake Inside

It was spongy and light with a hint of chocolate flavoring.  Next time, I’d add more chocolate so it has a stronger flavor (maybe even a few chocolate chips) and for the plain side, I’d add vanilla or lemon.  That’d make it even better.  The top part of the cake was a little crunchy from the sugar. 

I’d definitely make it again but with my modifications.