This might be the first post EVER that I’m really excited to write.  I’ve got a really fun announcement to make.

I know I’ve made comments/postings about how if we can, we should donate money to non-profits.  Since my blog is about food, I’ve focused on food banks, etc.   Perhaps you’ve wondered, “WhereInDC, what are you doing?  Are you donating any money?”

I’m now putting my money where my mouth is — I’ll donate $500 to a food focused non-profit

But here’s the catch — I need you to tell me where to donate.

  • From now until April 30th, I’ll take suggestions on organizations.  You can email me (whereindc @ gmail DOT com) or post comments here. 
  • Requirements are few – they must be food-related, have a Web site (or have something so I can confirm it exists), and be a federally recognized 501c3It does not have to be DC-focused.  If you want, you can even post a few words about the organization.
  • Starting May 1st, I’ll have a poll where you can vote (as often as you’d like). 
  • The winning organization will be announced on May 31st and the check will be sent on June 1st.