Trader Joe’s – I love that place.  I wish I lived closer to one, but when I go, I have a tendency to go and buy everything and anything.

So I went and bought this soy ice cream, figuring I’d try it.  Probably hate it, but why not?

Umm, it’s the best (soy) ice cream I’ve ever had — Double Rainbow Soy Cream Mango Vanilla.  It was creamy and didn’t have a funny aftertaste.  It didn’t taste like soy at all.  The mango had a great strong mango flavor and the vanilla was outstanding.

It’s all natural, vegan, lactose and gluten free soy ice cream.  In the quart of ice cream, each serving is only 2.5 g of fat.  There are all natural ingredients except there is some corn syrup in the ice cream (not a fan of that).

Since it’s almost summer, thought this was a good time to share my new find!