Readers know how much I loved the Burrito Cart Man who lived in front of the CVS on K and 15th Street.

So I was walking around one day trying to figure out what to eat for lunch and found a burrito cart man on the corner of K and 17th Street (by Farragut North Metro, Dress Barn, and Starbucks).  He’s the green cart.  Now I know he’s been there for years, but I had never tried his cart.

Here’s the deal.  He offers:

  • Tomato, spinach, or plain tortillas for $4.50
  • Rice, beans (black or refried), and hot sauce
  • For $0.50 more, you can get guacamole (not homemade) or cheese.  For $0.25 you can get sour cream.

So while he has only 7-9 hot sauces that are either medium or hot, his burritos are the closest I’ve had to the original burrito cart.  But his are definitely not the same.

  • He has no salsa on the burrito so that means no big chunks of onions, tomatoes, or cilantro.
  • He does put the tortilla into the steam heat so it’s hot, but he doesn’t throw the cheese on until the end (but it does still melt). 

While they’re not the same, it was a decent burrito for $5. 

Burrito Cart Burrito  Burrito Cart Burrito