Apple scones these were absolutely not.  But if this recipe changed its title to apple bread, then I’d say, “Heck yeah.”  You may wonder, but what about the other apple bread recipe?  Which one was better?  I liked ’em both.  It’s a tie.

I made this recipe twice.  The first time, I followed the recipe exactly.  Let me tell you, shredding the apple does not leave much apple flavor.  I also didn’t knead it.

Here are my photos of the first attempt.  It was beautiful, but there was no apple flavor.  It tasted more like cinnamon-sugar bread with a faint hint of apple.

Apple Bread Attempt #1  Apple Bread Attempt #1

So the second time, I coarsely chopped the two large peeled Gala apples.  Actually, I used this little miracle hand-crank gadget.  I still didn’t knead and put it in the oven.

Here are the photos of the second attempt.

Apple Bread Dough Attempt #2  Apple Bread Attempt #2  Apple Bread Attempt #2

Success!  There was a great apple flavor (you can see the apple chunks!), it was light, and incredibly popular!  I brought it to work — I heard it disappeared quickly.