I had a lemon in my fridge that was just hanging out, so I decided to make something with it.  I wanted to try something different and so I picked this recipe for honey lemon squares.

I am not usually a lemon square fan, but these were really good.  There was a perfect amount of lemon flavor that made it tart, but not so much that it makes you pucker.  While I love Sour Patch Kids at the movie theater, I don’t necessarily want that in a homemade baked good.

What I really loved though was the fact it wasn’t the standard graham cracker crust.  It was very flaky and quite good. 

The mixture you pour, after the crust is baked, is going to seem like it’s not right.  But it’ is OK so just pour it in!

Honey Lemon Square Crust  Honey Lemon Square Crust Baked  Honey Lemon Square Dough  Honey Lemon Square  Honey Lemon Square

Definitely try making this recipe when you’re in the mood for lemon squares!