I haven’t had Pizza Hut pizza years ago so I can’t really remember what their dough tastes like. 

Why you may ask?  Well, it was four or five years ago when I first moved to the city.  They sent me the wrong pizza and I called to tell them it was wrong.   The person on the other line apologized and said they’d send me the right pizza.  OK, that’s fine.  I didn’t eat any of the wrong pizza and gave it back to the delivery guy once he gave me the right pizza.  The delivery guy then demanded the money for the wrong pizza and the right pizza!  I told him I wasn’t paying because I didn’t eat it and it wasn’t my fault for the pizza mix-up.  When I finally got him out of my doorway, I opened my pizza box starving and saw a disgusting half-cooked doughy pizza.  Hence the reason I haven’t ordered from them again.

However, according to the reviewers of this recipe, it actually does taste like Pizza Hut dough.

I made a rushed version of the pizza because I was running late and needed the dough to be done.  So the dough only rested for about 10 minutes.  I also would have split the dough into two different pies because there was a lot of it!  I also followed the other folk’s suggestions of baking the dough at a higher heat before I put on the toppings.

Pizza Hut Dough  Pizza Hut Dough  Pizza Hut Dough