I don’t remember how or why I started watching BBC’s You Are What You Eat, but I find it to be a very entertaining show.

Here’s the deal — someone nominates a person who is overweight.  Then this holistic nutritionist, Gillian McKeith comes in and detoxes that person. 

But since some of the people don’t think they really are overweight, she uses “shock” treatment to snap them into reality.  This means showing the person a table of everything they’ve eaten — and let me tell you, wow.  It’s quite shocking (and I didn’t eat it!).

Then she gets a poo sample to see where the person is deficient in vitamins and minerals.  Eww.

Then the person starts on the detox diet.  She gives them 8 weeks of recipes and exercise plans.  Oh, and they refer to the person as X stones, which means 14 lbs. 

While I find the show entertaining, I’m not a fan of her veggie drink she makes people drink.  Gross.  At the same time, I realize she trying to change the behaviors of people who haven’t eaten a vegetable or fruit in years.  But, I don’t think healthy food has to taste bad either! 

I like the show and find it motivating to keep healthy!  And they also offer a “how healthy are you” quiz

McKeith is a tough cookie and she can definitely be a bit harsh to folks.  But is it just me or does “You are fat” sound better with a British accent than no accent? 

The show airs on BBC America weekdays at 4 PM EST.  I hope they plan on bringing this show to the US soon!