I kept thinking I want to make my own hummus since I’ve heard how easy it is — plus, you get to add whatever you want! 

During an episode of BBC’s You Are What You Eat, Gillian mentioned her hummus.  I wanted to try her recipe out since I knew it was going to be heatlhy. 

It was delicious.  I added cilantro to the mix.  Don’t forget to drain the chick peas before you puree! 

Obviously, this is yummy with veggies but also homemade naan!


12/08 – I made hummus again but this time, I made it garlic.  I put in 2 can of garbanzo beans, 3 TBSP of tahanini, 1 TBSP of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 tsp lemon juice, salt & pepper, and 3-5 very finely chopped garlic.  If you want to make it “extra” garlic-y, add garlic powder.

Garlic Hummus