I was reluctant and very unsure how these olive oil with red wine & rosemary cookies were going to taste.  I knew to expect savory — and that was exactly how I’d describe them. 

There was a hint of rosemary and a great nuttiness from the olive oil.  I put a heaping 1/2 tsp of the dried rosemary and then to open up the flavor, rubbed the rosemary in between my hands .  The red wine, I couldn’t really taste but if I had to guess, it probably cut down on the sweetness.  There was also a faint reddish color.   I baked the cookies for about 12 minutes. 

OIive Oil, Rosemary & Red Wine Cookie Dough  OIive Oil, Rosemary & Red Wine Cookies

And yes, I know these are ugly.  My little ice cream scoop broke right when I started scooping, so I had to use my two spoons. 

I gave some to P3 and she agreed with me that they were good and would be perfect with an after dinner wine.  They’re definitely more a cookie and not a biscuit.   Stay tuned on the savory biscuit…I’m working on that recipe.