What do you think?  I wanted to have a time stamp on my posts and could only get it if I changed my look.  Yes, I need to change the header…photo to change soon.  Header photo changed!

If you’ve been checking out the blog today, you’ve noticed there’s been a lot of changes.  I believe 3 different “looks” have been tested.  I really want to have a time stamp on my post, but there doesn’t seem to be a backgrounder that you like that offers this.  Bummer. 

I like the clean look this one provides too — I did decide to do a new background and picked this one because you can see the links much easier.  Plus, individual postings do show the time stamp so it works for now.

To help with my need for change, I will be changing the header photo periodically. 

Also, the formatting issues have been fixed.

Oh, and if I may — a moment to say how cool the last couple of weeks have been for this blog?  I’ve broken through the 1,000+ in one day mark.  Thanks to the readers!  If you have any ideas for postings, let me know [whereindc AT gmail DOT com]