Beer and cheese — a funny sounding but perfectly tasty combination.  So when I caught this recipe for bread machine beer and cheese bread, I was intrigued to see how it’d taste.

I used a light beer (Amstel) and low-fat Vermont Cheddar cheese which worked out really well.  The bread had a bit of an odd texture, but it was good.  There was a nice cheese flavor.

Don’t throw away (or drink) the other 2 ounces of beer that’s leftover when you’re making this bread — you may need to add some of it to the mixture.  I know, it’s a tough ask, but it’ll make the bread taste better!

Bread Machine Beer & Cheese Bread  Bread Machine Beer & Cheese Bread

Next time, I think I’d put it on dough cycle and not put the cheese in.  Once the dough cycle was done, I’d roll the cheese (sliced like the deli) inside.  Then bake it at 350-375 for 20-30 minutes.  Once you take the bread out and slice, the cheese would be melted and gooey.  Or at least in my mind that’s how it’d turn out.  Yum.