I wanted to make something for lunch/dinner for the week that would be something different and new.  So I found this marinade recipe for tangy pork (would work for beef or chicken too).

Tangy Pork Marinade  Tangy Pork Rotisserie

It was obviously an easy recipe to pull together, but it also was really good.  There was a hint of sweetness that was countered by the chili flakes.  There wasn’t enough heat (in my opinion) so next time, I’d include some hot sauce.

 Tangy Pork Rotisserie  Tangy Pork Rotisserie  Tangy Pork Rotisserie

My pork tenderloin was a good cut of meat so I didn’t feel there was a need to let it absorb overnight; instead, I let it marinade for 4-5 hours.  Yes, I obviously used the wrong knife when I was slicing.  But since I wasn’t serving it to anyone, I didn’t care…it was just for me.  I put a few slices over brown rice and then again over couscous for lunches the next couple of days.  It was perfect!