I love popcorn, but I hadn’t had any in a bit.  When someone at my office popped a bag and the aroma spread, I knew I had to have some.

But when I pulled a package out of the box, I realized it was expired…nine months ago.  While I wondered if it’d kill me (or fry the microwave), I had to run the risk.  Plus, I feel guilty about throwing away food. 

Expired Popcorn

It worked!  The kernals popped and there was no weird flavor.  More importantly, I’m still alive to tell the tale.  Ha ha…

Expired Popcorn  Expired Popcorn

BTW, I’m not a health expert nor am I telling you that you should eat expired popcorn (in other words, don’t sue me) because I don’t recommend trying this!  I’m just telling you my experience.