While this was originally published on August 27th, there are major updates on Top Chef Season 5 so I thought I’d post it for today.  I know, it’s cheating.  I’m sorry! 

A side note though that is new — can you believe Top Chef is already in the fifth season?  Wow!  I remember the first episodes and I’ll be honest — I didn’t love it.  I fell in love with Top Chef Season 2.  Oh, and I forgot that Billy Joel’s wife, Katie Lee (that’s number 3 for him and she’s 32 years younger) was the first season’s host

It feels like it was just yesterday when Stephanie Izard won Top Chef Season 4 in Chicago, but already the tips on Season 5 are coming in.  BTW, no air date has been set, but I’d guesstimate that it’s going to be March/April 2009 (since that’s when the last couple of seasons started).  Taping for Top Chef Season 5 was completed on August 26, 2008 and will be airing starting November 12th (so much for my guesstimate!). 

The next season will be held in NYC and here’s the real list of the 17 contentants. contestants rumored to be on the show.  There’s another list here.  So far, it seems these are the new chefs:

  • Absinthe’s Jamie Lauren
  • Danny Gagnon of New York
  • Jeff McInnis of Miami
  • CIA student Patrick Dunlea
  • Stefan Richer of Los Angeles
  • Carla Hall of DC (chef-owner of Alchemy Caterers)
  • Jill Snyder of Baltimore (chef of Red Maple)

I can’t wait for the new season…think anyone from DC will be competing???  Can you tell from these photos?  Should we start a rumor?  Also, if you heard Rickles’s private chef, Stacey Slichta is one of the contestants, it’s a lie.