I’ve bought grocery store sushi several times in the past, but I never could figure out why it taste weird.  Don’t get me wrong — it’s decent, but it’s not like what you would get at a sushi restaurant.

Even if there’s people making the sushi right then and there, it’s still not exact.  I bought the brown rice 9-piece Dragon Roll that would normally cost $12-15 in a restaurant, but at the grocery store, cost only $9-10.   So while it’s cheaper, what’s the deal?

I’ve come up with two ideas on why it taste strange:

  1. Temperature — I’m sure they have to do that for health law reasons, but the fish is always colder than you’d get at a restaurant.
  2. Additives/preservatives — While I was eating my sushi, I happened to start reading the ingredients list.  It was quite long with a lot of “stuff” added from various food dyes to preservatives.  Oh, and the wasabi?  It’s fake wasabi…

Grocery Store Dragon Roll  Grocery Store Dragon Roll  Grocery Store Dragon Roll

Do you have other thoughts/ideas?