I usually go to the store with a plan.  But when I went over the weekend, I didn’t have any.  Instead,  I just bought a whole chicken.  Not sure what I wanted to do with it, I started searching for something different. 

And that’s when I found this recipe for Korean BBQ chicken.  I love Korean BBQ chicken.  It’s spicy, it’s sweet, it’s perfect.   I couldn’t wait to try this recipe!

Like others,  I added 1 tsp of garlic powder and instead of chili paste, I used 2 TBSP of chili pepper flakes.  The smell, when it was simmering, was phenomenal.  

Once it cooled, I whisked in the lemon juice and chili flakes.  Then I let the chicken marinade overnight in a covered container.  It makes about 3 cups of marinade.

Korean BBQ Chicken Marinade  Korean BBQ Chicken  Korean BBQ Chicken  Korean BBQ Chicken

It was pretty good, but there wasn’t as much heat as I would have liked.  Next time, I’m going to put cayenne pepper on the chicken before I put it in the oven. 

Overall though, it was good — just a little sweet for my taste.