Everyone (including me) is trying to save money.  At the same time, I still like to eat out so I thought I’d compile a list of my favorite under $10 restaurants.  Plus, I’m this week’s Metrocurean Five Bites contributor

Anyway, these are the places that I love to go back to again and again.  It’s comfort-type food, casual, and delicious! 

  • Pho Xe Lua in Fall Church — I don’t get to go out there too often since I’m car-less, but it’s the best pho I’ve found so far!  The flavorful and aroma rich broth with the razor-thin beef is ridiculously good.  
  • Burrito Man on 15th and K — For $5.50, this is one of the best deals EVER.  Always fresh with 50+ different types of hot sauces, the Burrito Man makes the best burritos. 
  • Super Tacos & Bakery — You may know them better as Tacos Pepitos, but I know them as making some of the biggest sandwiches such as the Cubano or Carnitas for only $7. 
  • Korean Cart/Bulgogi on 14th and Vermont — This mother and son duo are serving some of the best kimchi and bibimbap in DC…and it’s a steal for $7.
  • Casa Blanca — I’ve been at least 3-5 times and I’ve never been disappointed.  Outstanding fried plantatains, empanadas, and chicken tacos at such a low price!
  • La Granja De Oro — Whenever I’ve passed this non-descript restaurant in Adams Morgan, there are always people eating here.  And it’s no wonder.  For under $7, you get a 1/4 piece of the best rotisserie chicken with a salad and fried yucca (or fries). 
  • Adam Express in Mt Pleasant — If you haven’t heard, this is a tiny restaurant that provides some of the best Korean in DC. 
  • So’s Your Mom in Adams Morgan — Best. Reuben Sandwich. Ever.
  • Java Green — Who knew vegan could be so delicious?  My favorite is slurping the “chicken” ramen.  Perfect for cold weather!

Are there others that you love?