or maybe you’re not.  But in case you are, the reason is simple.  My 5-year old TV died.  Yes, I was very unhappy because it wasn’t very old.  It had a slow death too.  At first, it just took about 5 minutes before it’d turn on.  Then I had to turn it on numerous times because it’d automatically shut off.  And one day when I came home from work, it just made a sad buzzing sound and never turned on.

So I bought a new TV.  After doing a lot of research, I bought a 52″ LCD flat screen.  It’s ridiculous and I love it. 

It also cost a chunk of change so I’ve been cutting back on going out to restaurants and instead, making a lot of meals at home.  But, give me a few more weeks and I’ll be back on the restaurant scene with my honest reviews.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying the recipes.  This weekend, I think I’m going to make some lemon biscotti.  Will keep you posted how it goes!